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About Rochester Christian Reformed Church

The Christian Reformed Church (CRC), rooted firmly in the Reformed tradition of John Calvin, was born of the faith and vision of immigrants to North America more than a century ago. Rochester CRC is one of approximately 1,000 congregations in the denomination located across the United States and Canada. God's sovereignty and grace have brought us into the twenty-first century. Today our congregation has grown to embrace a wonderful diversity of race and culture - a multi-generational community of Christ called to faithful obedience and holy living. We desire to become more like Jesus Christ in all we think, say and do.



  • A lot of emphasis and resources go into planning and participation in the Worship service and educational programs.

  • There is a growing Youth program with paid staff to lead the program. A few years ago, we completed a major building expansion adding mostly classroom spaces.

  • In general, church membership continues to change. We currently count about 320 faithful members. While proud of the original Dutch immigrants who started the church, we look to the future welcoming those from surrounding communities. New people are taking their place coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences.

  • Congregational participation in the worship service - vocal choirs, instrumentalists (including hand bells), liturgy and prayer - is a part of how things work

  • We like to believe we are a big family


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