Thank you for visiting the Rochester Christian Reformed Church website. We hope that you will join us soon in person! To help you gain a bit of insight into who we are and what to expect when you come to worship with us, we invite you to read the answers to these questions:

Where is Our church located?

We are located in Penfield, a suburb of Rochester. Our building is three miles east of the Browncroft Boulevard exit off Interstate 590. Our address is 2750 Atlantic Avenue. (Browncroft Boulevard becomes Atlantic Avenue.)

What is our worship style?

We greatly value congregational singing, worshiping God through traditional hymns as well as  contemporary songs. We appreciate liturgical structure in worship. God calls us into worship and we respond with our praise and adoration, and with confession of our sin. We receive assurance of God's pardon through Jesus Christ, hear the Word of God read and preached, offer our intercessions, and are sent out to serve God in all aspects of our daily walk.

When do we celebrate communion and who participates?

We normally celebrate the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of each month and also at some special services throughout the year (Good Friday, for example). We welcome those who profess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and children able to take communion with the supervision of a parent.

How do people dress for worship services?

Some people dress formally and others less formally. We welcome anyone who comes to worship God, regardless of their attire.

What is our Sunday school program like?

Sunday school for all ages meets on Sunday mornings at 9:00 during the school year. There are classes for children, and two different adult Sunday school classes also run simultaneously. Nursery care is provided for the youngest children during the Sunday school hour.

What do children do during worship services?

Children are welcome to stay with their families throughout the worship service. Children's bulletins with Bible-based activities are provided. Nursery care is available for all who wish to use it. Young children usually attend our Children in Worship program, to which they are dismissed after the Children's Message and just before the sermon. Visiting children are very welcome at Children in Worship!

Is our church accessible for those with special needs?

Our building is on a single level and there is a handicap accessible bathroom. All doorways accommodate wheelchairs. Upon request, sign interpretation for individuals with hearing impairments is usually available.

What are some of our church programs?

On Wednesday evenings during the school year we have Koinonia, a church family night at which singles, couples, and families are all welcome. We have a simple dinner together preceded and followed by music group practices (adult choir, adult handbell choir, youth handbell choir), Bible study, connection groups, a girls' group (GEMS - Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior), a boys' group (Cadets), and middle school youth group. Our senior high youth group meets on Sunday evenings, and we have praise band practice on a weekday evening. We have a women's Bible study and fellowship group and a men's study and fellowship group, as well as some mixed-gender groups for Bible study and fellowship.


How did Rochester Christian Reformed Church begin?


Our congregation was founded in 1877 in the city of Rochester by immigrants from The Netherlands. This early group of worshipers eventually affiliated with the Christian Reformed denomination, which traces its roots to the teachings of John Calvin, an important figure in the Protestant Reformation. With the Reformers, we believe that we receive and embrace the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ through Scripture alone, by faith alone, and by grace alone.


Who are our members?


Some of our members still trace their ancestry to The Netherlands, but several different ethnic groups are represented among us. We are a stable congregation with many long-time members but also plenty of newer members. We seek to give a warm welcome to newcomers from all backgrounds. We want to continue to grow as a multigenerational body of believers.


What is your next step?

Please feel free to explore the rest of our website to find out more about us. We'd really like to hear from you with any further questions you may have. Just click on the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page. And even better, please join us to worship our God together. We look forward to meeting you in person!