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What is a Connection Group?


Connection Groups are typically small groups of 5-12 people who get together regularly, (e.g. weekly or twice a month) in homes or at the church. 

Connection Groups help us grow closer in our relationship with God and each other.

RCRC has primarily two types of groups:

1)  Discussion Groups are focused on Bible Study and include prayer for each other, fellowship, and mutual caring.

2)  Fellowship Groups are focused on building relationships and include Bible study or related topical discussion, prayer for each other, fellowship, and mutual caring. 


What is the purpose of Connection Groups?


Connection Groups provide individuals with a feeling of church family. We enjoy fellowship together as in Acts 2.

Connection Groups will provide an opportunity to learn more about God through Bible study or related topical discussions as we desire to become more like Christ.

Connection Groups provide a setting for faithful loving of one another as Christ loved us.

Connection Groups provide a means for visitors and new members to be assimilated into the life of the church.

Connection Groups provide an environment where we can allow people time to share joys, hurts, struggles and successes in a safe setting with people they trust.  This allows us to care for and pray for one another. For this reason attendance should be a priority.

Connection Groups may plan service projects which provide opportunities to reach out to families/individuals of the church or to the community.

How do I join a Connection Group?


You are encouraged to be a part of a Connection Group whether you are a long time member of RCRC or new to the church, a Christian or not.  In our Connection Groups we are striving to come to a fuller understanding of what it means to believe and live as followers of Jesus Christ.  We look to our Connection Groups as the perfect place to work out the implications of the gospel as we discuss our questions, joys and struggles, and share our lives.