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Offering Designations

  • General Ministry - This fund supports the churches operational budget and pays for ministry shares. Cash paid to ministry shares go to the Christian Reformed Church and are distributed through our denominational missions.

  • Deacons Benevolence Fund - This fund is used by the deacons to help those in need.

  • International Missions - This fund directly supports our missionaries abroad.

  • Special causes / Other -  are designated by the deacons and are scheduled throughout the year. Information can be found by accessing the offering calendar.


Electronic Giving

Our Church has a diversity of members, all involved in our various ministries and outreach, praying and working diligently to serve the Lord faithfully. A good number of you have requested that we explore the variety of ways to contribute financially (specifically electronically); being very respectful of our sharing His gifts to us, that help support His work through our Church and show Him honor as we acknowledge Him as the source of all we possess.

In response to your request, the dynamics of the Internet has created some interesting discussions in our Stewardship Meetings regarding "Electronic Giving". Our challenge has been to provide a resource for you that achieves four basic things:

  1. Bridges the gap between a modern tool for modern times while respecting the bringing of gifts to worship

  2. Ensures "Giving" is not reduced to the act of paying a bill.

  3. Addresses what our technically advanced members would look for to be satisfied with the service with regards to features and security.

  4. Offers what one of our more traditional minded members would feel comfortable using.

Your Deacons have accomplished this with the E-giving Service being implemented.. Please access the service through our Church website A few of the major features are:

  • Full control on-line by each contributor

  • Secured environment [128 bit encryption]

  • Uses Electronic Fund Transfers [EFT]

  • Ability to schedule recurring transactions on-line · Access transaction history on-line

  • Contribute while away from home on-line

  • Express appreciation, recognition, condolences, etc. via the Church Web Site

We encourage you to go on-line and see the fruits of our labor for you. We really believe you will enjoy the features and benefits of the service. If you have any questions, please direct them to the Deacons Attention.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to provide you this service.