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Volunteer Opportunities


There are many opportunities to volunteer in the church. If you are willing to volunteer please contact the office for details.

Ways to volunteer are:

  • Giving someone a ride to church

  • Give someone a ride to an appointment during the week

  • Help with reception / refreshments for a special church event

  • Make a meal for someone and deliver it to them

  • Deliver food collections to appropriate agencies

  • Help elderly / house-bound with simple projects at their homes

  • Visit sick of elderly members

  • Help with gardening / grounds work at church

  • Help with cleaning / handiwork around church building

  • Provide babysitting services

  • Greet visitors / usher

  • Help with publicity / outreach projects in community

  • Occasional housing of visiting pastors / speakers / others

  • Sharing computer knowledge / skills

  • Helping with library duties