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Adult Education


Book-Study Group: Lounge

This year the book study class will begin with a series of shared testimonies by fellow RCRC members centered on their devotional and/or literary reading life. Instead of jointly doing a book study, we’ll enjoy hearing the influence books and other materials have had on one another’s spiritual lives. Then we will revisit Dorothy Sayer’s “The Man Born to Be King”, a set of plays about the life of Christ. We read a handful of the set of 12 last year and were surprised at the impact these plays had, bringing to life Christ’s years on earth. Later in the year we plan a series of one to two week lecture-discussions on special topics as well as another look at the creeds of the Christian Reformed Church.
Leaders: Tim Collins and Juli Elliot

Bible-Study Group: Class Room 2

Michael will conclude the Hebrews series and lead a study in another New Testament book (yet to be determined). Woody will ex-amine four Old Testament books (Jonah, Micah, Malachi & Ruth); each Old Testament book study will consider the possible author-ship(s), theme(s) and intended application of the respective book. Some studies begin with an audio/video lecture by a renowned Bible teacher. All studies consist of an exegesis of verses excerpted from a book of the Bible with class discussion/interaction. A book of the Bible will be entirely studied verse-by-verse over many weeks; however, studies presented by Michael and Woody will alternate roughly by month. Prayerfully consider joining our small group as we participate in the worship of our Lord through the study His word (2 Timothy 2:15)!
Teachers: Michael Carney & Woody Johnson

Childcare will be provided in the nursery.