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Summers Best 2 Weeks

SBTW History


Summer’s Best Two Weeks has actually existed since 1966 and has ministered to thousands of young people in the past 44 years! Today there is a SBTW residence camp in Pennsylvania and day camps throughout the Northeast.

Penfield Day Camp SBTW was started by Christy and Carol Mathewson in 2005. We have continued with the traditions and principles set in place by SBTW’s day camp and the Mathewsons!

We are a faith based sports camp that offers a unique opportunity for young people to develop their personal character and athletic ability in the same context. Our core values:

  • Personal Development

We are committed to developing the whole person: socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually as a part of God’s plan for abundant life.

  • Excellence

We believe that excellence is not about being perfect, but instead, giving our absolute best effort in everything we do. This honors God and others in our lives.

  • Spiritual Growth

We desire to see campers’ faith developed in their understanding and practice of Christian values and their development of a Godly character.

  • Community

We believe in creating a loving and accepting community where relationships can flourish, unity is developed, and positive role models are provided.


SBTW Staff


Our staff consists of handpicked high school and college leaders and a leadership team of summer employees whose job is to encourage, to coach, and to cultivate caring relationships with our campers. They are young Christians who strive in helping campers get to know Christ better and give Him the glory daily.


A Day at SBTW



Throughout the afternoon campers will travel with their squadmates to various stations including a time of Bible study and sports activities like Track & Field, Swimming, Soccer, Volleyball, Archery, Kickball, Basketball, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Tennis, Hockey, Crafts, Nature, Crazy Games, and much more!




The ultimate rivalry at SBTW is between the Romans and the Galatians. All campers are assigned to one of these two teams and compete in games like soccer, kickball, volleyball, and our very own angleball against those of their own age and gender on the other team. Competitions each day lead up to one winning team at the end of camp.


Squad 0

For those entering Kindergarten- entering 1st Grade we have added squad 0. It is a half-day of camp, filled with fun activities similar to the older squads!