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New Year’s Day – January 1

Posted by Gary Harris on OA7er @ 7:57 AM

Bible reading: Psalm 91

Prayer guide:

  • At the beginning of this year we pray that we will seek you as our refuge and our strength (v 1–2).
  • Lord, we pray that we may trust in your promises of deliverance, salvation, and satisfaction despite the troubles we experience in our lives (v 14-16).
  • We pray that you will bless our congregation this year as we are in transition and searching for a new pastor. We are blessed in the assurance that you fully protect us (v 3-9).


New Year’s Eve – December 31

Posted by Gary Harris on OA7er @ 7:52 AM

Bible reading: Psalm 90

Prayer guide:

  • Lord, at the end of this year we are reminded of the shortness of human life (v 3-6). As we remember those who passed away this year, we pray for comfort for all who have lost family members and friends.
  • As you are a Holy God, and all our iniquities are put before you (v 7-11), we ask you to have mercy and forgive all our sins.
  • Lord, teach us to make every day count, to reflect on the fact that we must die, and in reflecting become wise (v 12).
  • We pray that you will make us see purpose in this life and understand that what we do matters in the light of eternity. We pray that we may enjoy gladness in this life and experience your steadfast love (v 13-17).

Sixth Day of Christmas – December 30

Posted by Gary Harris on OA7er @ 7:36 AM

Bible readings: Matthew 2:13-23, Jeremiah 31:15-17

Prayer guide:

  • Lord, we ask you to open our eyes to the realities of this world where evil still exists, around us and perhaps within us. We pray for comfort for those who are suffering.
  • Lord, at Christmas time we are acutely aware of hostility against the gospel, especially as we witness the plight of churches that are persecuted. We pray that you will build and save your church.
  • Lord, we pray in the assurance that the powers of this world cannot win, and that every knee will have to bow before you.

Fifth Day of Christmas – December 29

Posted by Gary Harris on OA8er @ 8:04 AM

Bible readings: Matthew 2:1–12, Isaiah 60: 1–6

Prayer guide:

  • Lord, we are amazed that you open the eyes and hearts of Gentiles to follow your Light and to worship the newborn King (Is. 60:1-3, Matt. 2:1-2).
  • In this time of gift giving we thank you for the true gift of your Son, Jesus Christ.
  • We pray that the Holy Spirit will keep the morning star in our hearts shining brightly so that we will have a strong desire to worship and glorify you with gifts worthy of a King (Matt. 2:11).
  • We pray that you will awaken the church and many of us believers out of our complacency and blindness to become a light that outsiders can see (Matt. 2:4-6).
  • We pray you will help us discern your leading and guiding in our individual lives and the life of our church (Matt. 2:9, 12).

Fourth Day of Christmas – December 28

Posted by Gary Harris on OA6er @ 6:24 AM

Bible reading: Luke 2:21-39

Prayer guide:

  • We thank you, Jesus, that you fulfilled God’s law from the very beginning of your life (v 21-24), and by your obedience earned our salvation.
  • We thank you that you have brought salvation for both Jews and Gentiles, and that therefore we can go in peace to serve in your kingdom (v 25–32).
  • We pray that we will keep expecting you in prayer and that we will be obedient in service until you come again (v 36-38).
  • As Jesus was destined to cause the falling and rising of many, and to be a sign to be spoken against, we pray for our friends and family members who have not accepted you yet as Lord and Savior.
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