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Sunday, June 26

Posted by Gary Harris on OA5er @ 5:23 AM

Read Titus 3

Prayer guide

  • We thank God for his goodness and kindness to us in saving us from our sins according to his mercy and grace (v. 45)

  • We pray for our leaders and authorities, for elected officials at the town, city, county, state and federal level and for those seeking office; we ask God to impart to them a spirit of courtesy and wisdom (v. 13)

  • We confess that we often fall into the traps of anger and envy, of dissension and quarreling, and we ask God to forgive us our sinfulness and to instill to us a spirit of unity and love (v. 3, 9)

  • We ask God to bless all those who diligently work for him, especially the RCRC staff: Greg, Reba, Julie, Tineke, Kathy, Conrad, Linda and SungSung; as well as our next pastor, whoever that may be (v. 1214)

  • We ask God to bless Pastor Chris, Ana, Arwen, and Zanneke as they close this chapter at RCRC. May the Lord bless them and keep them, may he make his face to shine upon them and be gracious to them, may he lift up his countenance upon them, and grant them all his peace. And may all God’s people say, Amen!

Saturday, June 25

Posted by Gary Harris on OA6er @ 6:21 AM

Read Titus 2

Prayer guide

  • We pray for our seniors, especially those in assisted living facilities; we ask God to help them be temperate and reverent as they wait for his return that they might teach all of us what is good and sound in faith (v. 13)

  • We pray for our young adults, whether single, dating, or married; we ask God to help them grow in faith and character, love and commitment, integrity and self-control (v. 48)

  • We confess that we often fall prey to the passions of this world and ask God to train us in righteousness that we might live godly lives for him (v. 12)

  • We praise God for the blessed hope we receive through Jesus Christ, the redemption from our sins and a sense of belonging to him (v. 1314)

  • Bless Pastor Chris’ new ministry, use him to be a blessing to those going through times of fear or depression or despair. Bless him and the congregation of RCRC, as separately now, we go to love and serve the Lord.

Friday, June 24

Posted by Gary Harris on OA5er @ 5:52 AM

Read Titus 1

Prayer guide

  • We thank God for his constant truth and steadfast promises, especially for the promise of eternal life with him (v. 2)

  • We confess that, like the people of Crete, we are often prone to laziness, cruelty and falsehood (v. 12) and we ask God to not only forgive our sins but to make us sound in both faith and life (v. 13)

  • We pray that God will enable us to know him more fully every day and will help us reveal our knowledge of him through our actions (v. 16)

  • We pray for the elders and deacons of Rochester CRC, asking God to give them “a firm grasp of the Word” in its “trustworthiness” and its “teaching” (v. 9)

Thursday, June 23

Posted by Gary Harris on OA5er @ 5:41 AM

Read II Timothy 4

Prayer guide

  • As members of this church, we ask God to enable us to be “persistent [in working for church and kingdom] whether the time is favorable or unfavorable” (v 2).

  • We thank God for the great cloud of witnesses who have gone before us at RCRC, who by God’s grace have “fought the good fight, finished the race, and kept the faith” (v 7).

  • As Pastor Chris, Ana, Arwen, and Zanneke prepare to leave us soon, we pray that the Lord will be with their spirits, and that his grace will continue to be with them throughout their lives (v 22).

Wednesday, June 22

Posted by Gary Harris on OA6er @ 6:48 AM

Read II Timothy 3

Prayer guide

  • We confess that as individuals and as a church we have sometimes held “to the outward form of godliness but [denied] its power” (v 5).

  • We thank God for Paul’s example of faithful teaching, conduct, patience, love, and steadfastness, and ask God to strengthen and inspire leaders in our church to follow this example (v 10).

  • We praise God for giving us his inspired Word, and ask him to help us live by his Word (v 16).

  • We ask God to provide sound leaders guided by the Word and led by the Spirit in churches all around the world.

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